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February 19, 2018

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“What you think, You become” - Buddha

The mind is a powerful thing. It holds a lot of power over how we feel and behave day to day, and ultimately over our achievements in life. Our thoughts become the things that are our reality, but one of the most important things to...

One thing I'm really working on is trying to quiet my mind. I find that I'm often thinking, many thoughts, ALL THE TIME. Most irritating is when I'm going to bed and when all I want to do is go to sleep, I think about everything I did that day and everything I need to...

Having a good bedtime routine isn't just for babies who are sleep training. Its just as important for adults, whose minds are that much busier and over stimulated by the To do lists, social media, family, friends and work obligations. Everyone I speak to on a regular b...

May is dedicated to mindfulness for me. Every week I will share one daily habit and one exercise that will help encourage awareness and appreciation for ourselves, our bodies and our current state. 

While spending months in an environment that supports slowing things do...

Let’s progress from last week shall we? The goal is the same, to activate and stabilize. Watch the video for form. Remember quality over quantity!

Goal: 5-10 reps of each, up to 3 sets

Reminder: Blow before you go! (aka breathe through movement and do not hold your breat...

New week, new workout! Working more postural stabilizers, your focus is to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movements.  


  • Keep hips square forward and waist lifted off the floor (think top hip away from head)

Scapular Sets → “A” lifts → “T” Lifts

  • ...

How did you do last week? Ready for this week!?

Key Thing to remember here and one of my mantras from one my mentors, Julie Wiebe, is “Blow before you go” - to help activate your deep core system by breathing throughout the movement. Use your breath to help you move w...

Active April...that's the theme for this month! We've rolled out, stretched out and mobilized our body in March, time to get some muscle activation.

Every week I will have a short workout posted to motivate you to move! Your goal is to give yourself 3-5 days in the we...

Time to give some love to our mid and upper body. I've expressed my love for the roller before and its coming back for our thoracic spine and upper arms.

The thoracic spine often gets stiff because of our poor postures, often poor breathing pattern and because of our...

We spent the week rolling out, time to stretch it out. This week is about gaining length along the muscles we just released the knots out.

For all the stretches, hold for at least 30 seconds, do about 3-5 reps daily!
Let me know how you feel by the end of the week!!


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