Travel Tension Recovery Exercises

Traveling takes a toll on your body. Sitting at the airport, sitting on the plane, carrying bags puts lots of stress and shortening of your postural muscles, prolonged compression of your nerves and blood vessels and overall stiffness. I definitely feel it while I'm sitting on the plane and the days following. Here are a few of my favourite stretches that have helped my body recover from travel tension. Cat-Camel Exhale to round ribcage up, look Inhale, look up, shine chest forward. down toward knees. Repeat 10 - 15 times Figure 4 Stretch Cross Left Ankle over Right Knee. Sit up tall. Feel the stretch around the hip Quadriceps Stretch Hold ankle, al

Fear of Jumping?

S K I P P I N G - not just for kids. Great way to get the heart rate up BUT can really mess with the pelvic floor if not done properly. Any women terrified to skip because of the potential for an “accident”, or have to make sure they empty the bladder first before participating in any kind of jumping? This doesn’t have to be!! In fact, while it might be common it’s certainly NOT normal or ok. Exhibit A ⬅️ (video on the left) FORM: Ribs on top of pelvis, neutral alignment maintained throughout the jump. BREATH: no breath holding! Diaphragmatic breathing with coordinated #piston action of the core to allow the pressure to be distributed properly RESULT: worry free skipping Exhibit B

Foundation is Everything

As the new year begins, we are prompted to think about new goals, reflect on past goals and achievements and start planning for our year ahead. . This past year was great on many levels and a bit of a rude awakening on other levels. All of which remind me how important building a foundation is for achieving your goals. A solid foundation in your thoughts and actions will set the stage for achieving any of your goals! Starting with the great, I've been able to accomplish many of my life and work goals I can't help but be ridiculously grateful for that. Life Goals: I had the absolute pleasure of being able to travel to New Zealand, Australia and Bali early in 2017, with the goal of bypassing C