Mobility March Week 4

Time to give some love to our mid and upper body. I've expressed my love for the roller before and its coming back for our thoracic spine and upper arms. The thoracic spine often gets stiff because of our poor postures, often poor breathing pattern and because of our ribs which connect our T spine to the sternum, making our chest cavity potentially pretty rigid. GOOD NEWS....posture and breath could be enough to help you regain some mobility in this area. Sit or stand tall, ribs stacked over pelvis, chin tucked and collar bones wide. Take big breaths, trying to expand the rib cage 360 degrees (harder than it sounds but sooo good). Try for 5-10 breaths for every hour you're at the office.

Mobility March Week 3

We spent the week rolling out, time to stretch it out. This week is about gaining length along the muscles we just released the knots out. For all the stretches, hold for at least 30 seconds, do about 3-5 reps daily! Let me know how you feel by the end of the week!! 1. Inner Thigh Stretch (Long Adductors) 2. Quadriceps Stretch - make sure hips stay level, the knee you are stretching stays under your hip and in line with the other knee (as best you can, this is your goal position) 3. Hamstring Stretch - keep your back straight as you hinge forward at your hips. Try to keep your knee straight as well. If you need a deeper stretch or don't want to bend forward, place your foot on a stool or c

Mobility March Week 2

I LOVE the foam roller or a good trigger ball for myofascial release. Your goal this week is to give your back side a good roll out...from the glutes to the feet, spend a couple minutes in each area, find those knots and roll baby roll. Knots in the muscles, aka trigger points, affect the fluidity of movement, can cause muscle imbalances, weaknesses, referral pain (pain to other areas in the body) and increased your risk of injury. Trigger points in the glutes can cause back pain as well as referred pain down the leg (some people mistake it for "sciatica") Tight hamstrings and calves will affect the way you walk which can then cause injuries like hip and back pain, plantar fasciiti

Mobility March

Hi everyone! I'm making march the month for mobility, which means every week I'm going to share some exercises that help increase your mobility! This week I'm starting with improving mobility around the hip. Here are two of my favourite stretches. Hold each stretch for 30 sec, do each side 3 times. If one side is tighter than the other, feel free to do an extra rep or longer hold to help even things out. Mobile Hips mean less strain on the back and knees 1. Hip Flexor Stretch- keep the hips square and stay up tall (don't lean forward) then shift your body weight forward 2. Figure 4 Stretch a) Cross one ankle over the opposite knee and press the top thigh away b) Keep that ankle o