Active April Week 4

Let’s progress from last week shall we? The goal is the same, to activate and stabilize. Watch the video for form. Remember quality over quantity! Goal: 5-10 reps of each, up to 3 sets Reminder: Blow before you go! (aka breathe through movement and do not hold your breath, ever!) Side Leg Raise (with or without band) Keep hips square forward and a small space between your waist and the floor Side Plank Clam (with or without band) Stay on forearm and knees for this one and try to keep your hips square and level while you clam (harder than it looks!) Too much for the bod? Get back to the regular clams and keep building strength there “W” Press Same “w” as last week but adding a shoulder press,

Active April Week 3

New week, new workout! Working more postural stabilizers, your focus is to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movements. Clamshells Keep hips square forward and waist lifted off the floor (think top hip away from head) Scapular Sets → “A” lifts → “T” Lifts Squeeze shoulder blades together with each lift. Start with just moving the shoulder blades then bring in the arms “W”’s Adding some rotator cuff action with the same movement as exercise 2 Fire Hydrants Alternating with Donkey Kicks Spinal stability with lower leg movement. The key here is to not let you body shift toward the bottom leg OR leg your hips rotate. I should be able to balance a tray of champagne glasses on your back (it

Active April Week 2

How did you do last week? Ready for this week!? Key Thing to remember here and one of my mantras from one my mentors, Julie Wiebe, is “Blow before you go” - to help activate your deep core system by breathing throughout the movement. Use your breath to help you move with control. Your full range isn’t someone else’s full range, notice how I might not be lifting as high or going as low as you would think, its because I’m noticing that if I go any further I will lose my form (keep an eye out!). Lunges : 10 reps on each side Bridges: 10-15 reps Side Plank: 30 sec hold each side ** start on the knees, I’ve shown the progression of side plank on the toes for later in the week or coming

Active April

Active April...that's the theme for this month! We've rolled out, stretched out and mobilized our body in March, time to get some muscle activation. Every week I will have a short workout posted to motivate you to move! Your goal is to give yourself 3-5 days in the week to do these exercises. It your "me time". Start the day or end the day with them, or do them as an afternoon pick me up (instead of that 2nd cup of coffee). Slow and controlled is the focus. These won’t be high intensity workouts. The purpose is to gain awareness of your body in space, find your posture and your breath, and move with control. You’ll see that I’m adjusting and moving slow, to time my movement with my brea