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February 19, 2018

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Let’s progress from last week shall we? The goal is the same, to activate and stabilize. Watch the video for form. Remember quality over quantity!

Goal: 5-10 reps of each, up to 3 sets

Reminder: Blow before you go! (aka breathe through movement and do not hold your breat...

Active April...that's the theme for this month! We've rolled out, stretched out and mobilized our body in March, time to get some muscle activation.

Every week I will have a short workout posted to motivate you to move! Your goal is to give yourself 3-5 days in the we...

I LOVE the foam roller or a good trigger ball for myofascial release. 

Your goal this week is to give your back side a good roll out...from the glutes to the feet, spend a couple minutes in each area, find those knots and roll baby roll.

Knots in the muscles, aka tr...

Hi everyone! I'm making march the month for mobility, which means every week I'm going to share some exercises that help increase your mobility!

This week I'm starting with improving mobility around the hip. Here are two of my favourite stretches. Hold each stretch fo...

I never travel without my bands. They're light and easy to squish into my luggage for a workout on the go.

Here are my top exercises to help me prep for the long hours of sitting and carrying and pulling bags. They're great for recovery after you get to your destination...

S K I P P I N G - not just for kids. Great way to get the heart rate up BUT can really mess with the pelvic floor if not done properly. 

Any women terrified to skip because of the potential for an “accident”, or have to make sure they empty the bladder first before pa...

As the new year begins, we are prompted to think about new goals, reflect on past goals and achievements and start planning for our year ahead. .

This past year was great on many levels and a bit of a rude awakening on other levels. All of which remind me how important...

The position and coordinated movement of the scapula is important. When looking at the upper quadrant it is important to note where the scapula sits in space in relation to the spine, to the other scapula, to the neck and whether it is tipped forward or downward. 


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