Fear of Jumping?

S K I P P I N G - not just for kids. Great way to get the heart rate up BUT can really mess with the pelvic floor if not done properly. Any women terrified to skip because of the potential for an “accident”, or have to make sure they empty the bladder first before participating in any kind of jumping? This doesn’t have to be!! In fact, while it might be common it’s certainly NOT normal or ok. Exhibit A ⬅️ (video on the left)

FORM: Ribs on top of pelvis, neutral alignment maintained throughout the jump.

BREATH: no breath holding! Diaphragmatic breathing with coordinated #piston action of the core to allow the pressure to be distributed properly RESULT: worry free skipping

Exhibit B ➡️ (video on the right)

FORM: ribs flared, pelvis out of neutral. This may happen at the beginning, middle, or end or be the posture throughout the whole movement.

BREATH: shallow, high breaths, no movement of the rib cage, diaphragm or pelvic floor

RESULT: Pressures not distributed well, fatigue of the pelvic muscles and potential for leakage or other form of injury

If this is an exercise that is a part of your workout regimen or want it to be but are a little afraid, seek out a professional to asses your form. This goes for all kinds of jump/plyometric training - box jumps, bounds, hops, lateral jumps/skaters, running, etc.

#plyometric #training #skipping #physiotherapy #pistonscience #core #pelvicfloor #fitness

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