Travel Tension Recovery Exercises

Traveling takes a toll on your body. Sitting at the airport, sitting on the plane, carrying bags puts lots of stress and shortening of your postural muscles, prolonged compression of your nerves and blood vessels and overall stiffness. I definitely feel it while I'm sitting on the plane and the days following. Here are a few of my favourite stretches that have helped my body recover from travel tension.


Exhale to round ribcage up, look Inhale, look up, shine chest forward.

down toward knees.

Repeat 10 - 15 times

Figure 4 Stretch

Cross Left Ankle over Right Knee. Sit up tall. Feel the stretch around the hip

Quadriceps Stretch

Hold ankle, align your knees and gently squeeze your glutes to straighten the hips

Hamstring Stretch

Straight leg, flat back and direct tail bone back

Calf Stretch

Keep your heel down and toes pointed straight forward. Lean toward the front leg

Same position as the calf stretch, bend back knee but keep back heel down. Feel the stretch close to the back of the ankle

Hip Flexor Stretch

Keep your hips square, squeeze glutes and feel the stretch in the front of the hip

Hold all stretches for 30 seconds, do each side 3-5 times

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