Mobility March Week 4

Time to give some love to our mid and upper body. I've expressed my love for the roller before and its coming back for our thoracic spine and upper arms. The thoracic spine often gets stiff because of our poor postures, often poor breathing pattern and because of our ribs which connect our T spine to the sternum, making our chest cavity potentially pretty rigid. GOOD NEWS....posture and breath could be enough to help you regain some mobility in this area. Sit or stand tall, ribs stacked over pelvis, chin tucked and collar bones wide. Take big breaths, trying to expand the rib cage 360 degrees (harder than it sounds but sooo good). Try for 5-10 breaths for every hour you're at the office. Then, every night and/or morning, spend a couple minutes rolling out T spine, and enjoy some of these movements to help rotation throughout the spine (see videos)

#mobility #march #foamroller #physio #thoracicspine #stretch #breathe #posture

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