Active April

Active April...that's the theme for this month! We've rolled out, stretched out and mobilized our body in March, time to get some muscle activation. Every week I will have a short workout posted to motivate you to move! Your goal is to give yourself 3-5 days in the week to do these exercises. It your "me time". Start the day or end the day with them, or do them as an afternoon pick me up (instead of that 2nd cup of coffee). Slow and controlled is the focus. These won’t be high intensity workouts. The purpose is to gain awareness of your body in space, find your posture and your breath, and move with control. You’ll see that I’m adjusting and moving slow, to time my movement with my breath. First workout for the month: 3x10 -12 reps Bird Dog (each arm/leg lift counts as 1 rep) 3x10-12 reps of Wall squats (Bonus at the end add a 30 sec hold at the bottom position) 3 x 10-12 reps of Heel Raises 3x 8-12 reps of Push ups 3 x 5 breath Planks (so you don’t hold your breath!) Take a 20 sec rest between each set to reset. Do each each exercises in its entirety then move on to the next one (ie all 3 sets of the bird dog, then the wall squats, etc).

#active #april #strength #stability #core #exercise #intention #breath #movement #physiotherapy

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