Active April Week 2

How did you do last week? Ready for this week!? Key Thing to remember here and one of my mantras from one my mentors, Julie Wiebe, is “Blow before you go” - to help activate your deep core system by breathing throughout the movement. Use your breath to help you move with control. Your full range isn’t someone else’s full range, notice how I might not be lifting as high or going as low as you would think, its because I’m noticing that if I go any further I will lose my form (keep an eye out!). Lunges : 10 reps on each side Bridges: 10-15 reps Side Plank: 30 sec hold each side ** start on the knees, I’ve shown the progression of side plank on the toes for later in the week or coming weeks Tricep dips: 10-12 reps Single Leg Balance: 30-60 sec each leg (aim to do some parts of it with your eyes closed) Do 1 set of each exercise, cycle through the exercises 3-5 times. Form is key here, so once that is lost your set is done….Quality over quantity (another solid mantra)

#active #april #strength #stability #core #breath #movement #exercise

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