Active April Week 3

New week, new workout! Working more postural stabilizers, your focus is to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movements.


  • Keep hips square forward and waist lifted off the floor (think top hip away from head)

Scapular Sets → “A” lifts → “T” Lifts

  • Squeeze shoulder blades together with each lift. Start with just moving the shoulder blades then bring in the arms


  • Adding some rotator cuff action with the same movement as exercise 2

Fire Hydrants Alternating with Donkey Kicks

  • Spinal stability with lower leg movement. The key here is to not let you body shift toward the bottom leg OR leg your hips rotate. I should be able to balance a tray of champagne glasses on your back (it would be a shame to let that drop!)

Remember your breath with movement (Blow before you go!) and aim is for 5-12 repetitions of each, up to 3 sets.

The purpose of these exercises are to activate our stabilizers so think QUALITY over quantity. Its OK if you have to stop after each rep to reset, or feel tired after 5 reps. Think about the movement as you do it, breathe through it and do it DAILY to see improvements in both the quality and quantity

#active #april #posture #stability #physio #fitness #exercise #movement #strength #breathe

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