Active April Week 4

Let’s progress from last week shall we? The goal is the same, to activate and stabilize. Watch the video for form. Remember quality over quantity!


Goal: 5-10 reps of each, up to 3 sets

Reminder: Blow before you go! (aka breathe through movement and do not hold your breath, ever!)


Side Leg Raise (with or without band)

  • Keep hips square forward and a small space between your waist and the floor


Side Plank Clam (with or without band)

  • Stay on forearm and knees for this one and try to keep your hips square and level while you clam (harder than it looks!)

  • Too much for the bod? Get back to the regular clams and keep building strength there


“W” Press

  • Same “w” as last week but adding a shoulder press, keep the elbows high throughout the movement


Single Leg Squat

  • Small movement here! Make sure your knee stays between your first and second toe and does not pass forward over your toes

  • Notice I’m near the wall for balance support and checking my form in the video (yes this is a video made in selfie mode on my ipad...I do what I can). Takeaway is... its OK to do this in front of a mirror to make sure you are keeping good posture!

  • Exhale with movement


Single Leg Deadlifts

  • Harder than it looks! Call this one a bonus for the keeners, keep a soft bend in your knee, relax your toes and hinge forward at your hips

  • Only tip down as far as you can maintain a level spine and even hips

  • Exhale with movement




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