Mindful May

May is dedicated to mindfulness for me. Every week I will share one daily habit and one exercise that will help encourage awareness and appreciation for ourselves, our bodies and our current state.

While spending months in an environment that supports slowing things down and being present, I still struggled to relax and appreciate what I have. It’s a daily habit that needs practice. And now that I’m back in the hustle of the big city, it will be a greater challenge to keep it up but I’m committed to the challenge! Every week there will be a new mindful action and exercise. Try to carry forward the activities from the week before but don’t be discouraged if you find that you don’t have time for all of them. Pick one a day and do that one, be happy with whatever you accomplish, knowing that you did your best for that day.

This week I will be reinstating my Daily Gratitudes: Start or end your day with a thank you note to yourself. I like to write mine down in a little journal I keep by my bed, you can write it into your notes on your phone if you don’t like pen to paper, or even just think it, as long as you take a moment in your day to do it. For example... “Today i am thankful for….all the patients that came in with positive responses to treatment and who did their exercises for the week”...”I am thankful for the ability to move painfree”...”I am thankful for my wonderful family who keep me feeling supported”...there are tons to be thankful for and its amazing how great it makes you feel to recognize them. Sometime it might take a bit of effort to find something to be grateful for, I encourage to you really try, it gets easier with practice and soon enough you'll find more than one thing a day!

Mindful Move for the week:

Foot Posture

When standing, feel for how you place your weight through your feet, are you gripping your toes? Are you leaning towards the outside or inside of your feet, do you have more of your weight through your heels.

Take note and then see if your can even things out.

You want:

Equal weight between the feet and between the balls and heels.

Relax your toes.

Your big toe, little toe and heel should share the weight on each foot and your arch should be lifted slightly off the floor.

Try this barefoot and in shoes. See how shoes can help or hurt how we load our feet.

Any disruption in the way force is distributed through the foot can lead to injury there or up all the way to the hip, back, neck and shoulders, so this is a great thing to be aware of most days to minimize injury from long term poor habits we can easily correct. If you are unsure how to achieve this posture or want to confirm you are doing it correctly book in with your movement specialist and have them take a look!

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